How to Personalize Your Wedding Favors

How to Personalize Your Wedding Favors

When planning your wedding you want to be able to inject some of your personality into the ceremony and reception. Some people do this through colors and adding dramatic flair or glamour, while others are better suited to add personalized touches through wedding favors. While generic wedding favors are okay for thanking guests for joining you on the big day if you are wondering how to personalize your wedding favors there are three main ways to do so. Keep reading to learn how to personalize wedding favors for your upcoming nuptials. 


Match the Favors to the Wedding Theme 


One of the best ways to personalize your wedding favors is to match them to the wedding theme. This is a great choice if you want your reception to seamlessly flow from the décor to the gifts. No one wants their wedding favors seeming like they don’t belong and this will keep that issue from arising. 


For example, if you are having an elegant or glamourous wedding, monogrammed boxes of candies would be a classy nod to your theme or some aromatic candles. If you are having a rustic wedding, consider something earthy or simple like homemade honey in mason jars wrapped with burlap bows. Candy bars are also a great way to match the theme as you can get rustic or mismatched vases to display. 


Add Customization to Your Wedding Favors 


Another common way that people personalize their wedding favors is to customize them. There are many websites that allow you to personalize a variety of gifts so you can select something that you really love. Moscow Mule mugs, pint glasses, decks of cards, sunglasses, wine stoppers, and more can all be personalized with your names and wedding date. This will ensure that guests remember your big day for years to come! 


Choose a Wedding Favor That Mirrors Your Interests 


Last, but not least, if you want to inject some of your personality into your wedding favors, why not pay homage to something that you and your fiancé are passionate about? If you are massive sports lovers, why not a drink cozy designating you two as “the perfect match” or something along those lines. If you’re a serious pet lover, you can also have custom cookies made featuring your beloved furry friends. If you are your spouse are foodies, how about some homemade salsa or herb infused olive oil? Some couples even make a charitable donation in their guests’ honor to a charity that they wholeheartedly support. 


At The Park Savoy Estate, no matter what wedding favors you choose, we will ensure that your day runs smoothly. Our event coordinators will make sure to display your favors the way you specify, whether that be on a separate table or placed at everyone’s seat. If you are looking for a stunning wedding venue in New Jersey with expert wedding coordinators, look no further than The Park Savoy Estate. We are currently offering tours of our manicured gardens and ornate ballroom so call today for an appointment. 

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