How to Personalize Your Weddings Vows

How to Personalize Your Weddings Vows

Your vows are meant to express your deep love for your soon-to-be-spouse, as well as the promises you are dedicated to keeping to one another. There are many types of generic wedding vows, but keep reading to learn how you can add a more personal touch to your vows.


Become a Storyteller


One of the best ways to let people get a glimpse into your relationship is by telling a story. Tell them the story or how you met and you were instantly smitten—or how you weren’t but your fiancé’s charm and perseverance won you over. Or, tell a story about the time you were sick and they dropped everything to come over and take care of you, or your romantic proposal. Subtle glimpses into your relationship allow the guests to really see how you are meant for each other and are great for personalizing generic wedding vows.


Inject a Bit of Comedy


If you are a couple that shares a similar sense of humor—or simply want to inject some levity into the ceremony to keep yourself from tearing up—using comedy is a nice way to make your wedding vows truly unique. You can insert an inside joke or two that’s just between you and your soon-to-be-spouse or choose a joke that the whole crowd can enjoy. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to add a nice personal touch to your vows.


Utilize Song Lyrics


Do you and your fiancé have a special song? They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so if you do, choosing some lyrics from that song is a great way to add a personal touch into your wedding vows. Simply choose a line or two that has sentimental meaning and find a way to work them into your vows. It doesn’t have to be obvious to the crowd that you stole a lyric or two, but your fiancé will likely catch it and smile.


Create Multilingual Vows


One of the best ways to personalize wedding vows if your fiancé or their family speak a different language primarily is to utilize multilingual vows. You don’t have to learn and recite your entire vows in another language, but having a few lines that feature their first language is a touching gesture and will make their family feel even more welcome.


Make Promises Unique to Your Relationship


If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding vows, consider making promises that are unique to you as a couple. If your fiancé is a writer, promise to provide inspiration when they have writer’s block. Or, if they are a mechanic, promise to always hold the flashlight for them when they’re working on a car. Subtly injecting your personalities into the wedding vows is a great way to make them unique to your relationship.


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