How to Plan Wedding Day Photographs of the Groom and His Bridal Party 

How to Plan Wedding Day Photographs of the Groom and His Bridal Party 


The wedding day is often perceived as the bride’s day, but we know it’s just as special for grooms too. If you are looking to capture the magic of the big day from both the bride and groom’s side, here are some tips for how to plan wedding day photographs of the groom and his bridal party. 


Make a Day-Of Timeline  

One of the most important things to do before the wedding is to plan your day of timeline. List everything from when you’re getting up and when you’re eating breakfast to what time everyone has to report for hair and makeup and when you need to leave for the venue. Having the day planned out from start to finish might seem tedious, but it’s essential for finding a good window of time for your photographer to pop in and capture some great shots of the groom and his bridal party. You’ll also want to get your photographer into the loop when planning! 


Make Sure You Get the “Must Have” Getting Ready Shots for the Groom 

When it comes to getting wedding day photographs of the groom and his bridal party there are certain “must have” photos that need to be on your wedding photo checklist. The first, is a shot of the fashion details, like the shoes, watch, suit, and cufflinks. The groom spent months agonizing over his outfit so let the photographer take a few minutes to lay out all of the elements and capture a truly special photo. 


Another “must have” photo on the list is a moment of reflection. With all of the guys in the room getting ready it can be difficult to steal away for a moment for some self-reflection, but it you are able to it makes for great photos. 


Some other great shots that you don’t want to miss are shots of the groomsmen helping the groom get ready. This means helping to tie his tie, tighten suspenders or even put cuff links on. While the guys are getting ready it’s also a great time to grab a shot of the groom having his last drink as a single man with his groomsmen! 


Consider Hiring a Second Photographer 

If you haven’t already, you might want to consider hiring two photographers for the day. Some major photography companies offer two photographers for their wedding packages or come with an assistant that can branch off and take pictures on their own. Since the bride and groom get ready in separate places—or at least separate rooms—having two photographers ensures that they’ll capture all the getting ready pictures for both parties. If that’s not in the budget, it’s okay! You will just need to do a bit of extra planning to ensure you get all the must-have shots on the big day. 


The Park Savoy Estate Offers Bride and Groom Suites to Get Ready for the Big Day 

One thing that will make it easier for your photographer—and likely more budget friendly for you—is to get ready at the same place as your ceremony and reception. Unless you’re getting ready at a hotel, that can be very difficult logistically. Thankfully, The Park Savoy Estate has both a Bride and Groom Suite for both your parties to get ready in. That makes it easy for your photographer to pop back and forth into the rooms to ensure they can capture all the must have shots on your list. If you are interested in touring The Park Savoy Estate, contact us today!

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