How to Prep for Stunning Outdoor Winter Wedding Pics

How to Prep for Stunning Outdoor Winter Wedding Pics



Your wedding is one of the best, most memorable occasions in your life and you want to have beautiful wedding photos to capture the memories. Outdoor wedding photos provide some stunning backdrops and endless possibilities, but it takes some preparation to make sure everything runs smoothly, especially when you’re planning to take those pictures outdoor during winter. The last thing you want is to have an issue with your wedding pictures, so here is how to prep to ensure you end up with stunning outdoor wedding pictures.


Have an Emergency Survival Kit on Hand 


Things happen. Drinks spill, hair gets blown in the wind, seams start running, faces get sweaty. That’s why you need to have an emergency wedding day survival kit on hand. Truthfully, this is something you should have whether you’re taking outdoor photos or not but is especially important if you’ll be outside. This survival pack should include a small sewing kit, bobby pins, hairspray, face wipes/blotters, extra makeup, powder, stain remover, and dental floss. If your hair is blowing in the wind too much, hit it with some hair spray or more bobby pins. If people are sweating, allow them to blot their faces to reduce shine.   


Scope Out Picture Locations Before Hand 


You don’t want to be running around looking for the best photo spots on the day of your wedding when the time is limited. That’s why you should set up a meeting with your venue and photographer to scope out the site a week or two prior to your winter wedding. Agree on some locations ahead of time so you won’t be scrambling on the day of. 


Prepare for the Elements 


With outdoor winter wedding photos, you certainly need to be prepared for the elements. Mother Nature is unpredictable so you should keep a close eye on the weather forecast, but plan for issues anyways. If there might be some rain, have some umbrellas on hand or at least a store scoped out where you could pick them up at the last minute. It’s likely going to be cooler, pick up a shawl or plan for some shots where you and the bridesmaids are draping the groomsmen’s jackets over your shoulders for extra warmth. If it’s expected to be bright and sunny, make sure everyone has a cool pair of shades handy. You can’t control the weather, but you can be prepared for it! 


Utilize Lighting Properly 


Something else to keep in mind is the lighting on your wedding day. Are you having an afternoon wedding or an evening wedding? What time is sunset? Your photographer should have an idea of when the best time for photos are, especially if you’re looking for an intimate silhouette shot with you and your new spouse surrounded by a stunning, glistening blanket of snow. 


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