How to Save Your Hair from Summer Damage During Wedding Prep

During the summer, your hair is exposed the sun, sand, and sea. The effect of the elements can be long lasting if your hair is not treated properly. If you have an upcoming wedding, it becomes even more important to save your hair from summer damage. You will want to look your best on the big day and burnt, frizzy, dry, and damaged hair might not look the best in your wedding photos. Use these tips during your wedding prep to make sure your hair is in tip top shape:


Try a Hair Mask 


Applying a nourishing mask at home is a good way to save your hair from summer damage. This is especially important if you’re frequently in the sun and hitting the beach or pool. Using a nourishing mask once a week for added hydration is usually adequate to coax your hair into good condition.  However, if you have very thick, very dry hair, you might need to use a hair mask twice a week because it will drink up more moisture. 


Change Up the Normal Routine 


If you’re noticing especially damaged hair, try changing up the routine. Switch your normal shampoo and conditioner out a few weeks before the wedding with one that has serious moisturizing capability. After showering and patting your hair dry, finish off with a dime sized dollop of hair serum or oil and work it through the ends to work wonders on your dry locks. 


Protect Your Hair from the Sun & Chlorine 


Summer is best spent in the pool or on the beach, right? While we can’t argue against that fact, it is important to consider the damage that these elements invoke on your hair. If you’re planning a trip to the pool, wash your hair first with cold water. With your hair already wet, it won’t be able to absorb as much chlorine water. 


Your hair can also experience UV damage after prolonged time in the sun. Try using an after sun cream in your hair to keep it moisturized. There are also sun protection sprays that you can apply before heading out to keep your hair protected from the harmful rays. 


Ditch the Straightener 


With the sun, chlorine, and humidity, your hair is already subjected to enough during the summer. Instead of continually adding heating tools into your routine, scale back. Opt for more natural styling techniques that don’t require a hair straighter or heated curling iron. 


Consult with an Experienced Hair Stylist 


If you are still worried about keeping your hair safe from summer damage, consult with an experienced hair stylist. Your wedding stylist will be happy to give you a consultation and advice on keeping your hair sleek and shiny for your wedding.  


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