Where to Incorporate the Color of the Year into your Wedding

Its official, Ultra Violet has been named the Color of the Year for 2018! The bold purple-blue hue is a great way to make a colorful, bold statement for your wedding and it can even provide a royal feel. However, the bright color can be overwhelming, so it will need to be incorporated tastefully into a wedding. Here are a few ways to tastefully incorporate Ultra Violet into your wedding: 



Why not incorporate the purple-blue hue into your wedding right from the start? Using the Color of the Year in your Save the Dates or invitations is a great way to set the tone for your upcoming wedding. Water color stationary is perfect for tastefully blending Ultra Violet with other shades of purple for a stunning result. 



Perhaps the most natural way to incorporate Ultra Violet into your wedding is through floral arrangements. There are numerous purple hued flowers that can make a splash amongst greens and creams. If you want a bolder, more chic look, you can also go for a monochromatic Ultra Violet look.  Flowers like purple orchids, lisianthus, dahlias, wisteria and lilac all make great options for adding Ultra Violet into your wedding. For the trendy bohemian brides throwing a garden wedding, imagine how elegant you’ll look wearing a flower crown with splashes of Ultra Violet throughout! 


Bridesmaids Dresses 

Another way to boldly incorporate this color into your wedding is through bridesmaid’s dresses. You can mix and match dresses in various purple and Ultra Violet hues for a more subdued look. If you’re all about matching, choose a lighter shade of Ultra Violet for all bridesmaids to wear. 



China is one way to incorporate the Color of the Year into your wedding, but this can be a stretch for some budgets. Don’t splurge on expensive china or bold purple chargers, utilize Ultra Violet in your wedding centerpieces for a fun yet sophisticated splash of color. 



One of the most common ways to incorporate colors in a wedding is through linens. Weddings with specific color schemes often have napkins or table runners that tie everything in. A simple Ultra Violet napkin contrasted against a standard white or ivory tablecloth can make a statement and enhance the elegant look of your tables without being overpowering. 



One fun, quirky way to add Ultra Violet into your wedding is through signage. If you are utilizing Ultra Violet in other aspects of your wedding, incorporating the color in signage or place cards is a nice way to bring everything together. A few pops of the stylish color here and there will do wonders. 



If you are wondering where to incorporate the Color of the Year into your wedding, your cake is another great place to do so without going overboard. Since your wedding cake will only be available for viewing for the beginning portion of the reception, this is a subtle and tasteful way to utilize the color without overwhelming guests. 


Another great way to add Ultra Violet into your wedding is to choose a venue that already offers various hues. The gardens at The Park Savoy Estate are home to a variety of flowers in stunning shades of purple that can really accentuate the look you are going for. Call today to schedule an appointment to view our dazzling ceremony and reception spaces!