Integrating Nature into Your Late Fall Wedding

Integrating Nature into Your Late Fall Wedding

With October behind us, we’re now in the second half of the fall season where the jackets go on and the leaves fall faster than we can rake them. Every season has its unique features, and fall provides an abundance of natural materials that can be repurposed into breathtaking decorations and eye-catching accents. From branches found on the ground to different types of foliage, there’s a wealth of material just right out our window. Here’s how to transform them into breathtaking decorations for your late fall wedding. 

Sticks and Stones…

…can make gorgeous centerpieces and decorations! For instance, sticks and branches evoke a real sense of nature and when placed in a tall glass vase and accented with crystals and small flowers can form minimalist works of art that your guests can marvel at during the reception.  

Stones, on the other hand, can be seen all season but during the fall–when nature is bracing itself for the harshness of winter–they can symbolize the solidity of your relationship. If you live by a creek, consider selecting a variety of choice stones and pebbles to use to form a pathway from your entrance to line the main aisle. Weddings are all about taking a moment to recognize that love is forever and often gets stronger over time, something that stone pathways can truly reflect. 

Lovely Leaves

Speaking of creating natural pathways, leaves are another option that are in abundance this year. But don’t just stick to maple; the secret to using nature as decoratively is to articulate the difference and heterogeneity that surrounds us every day, although we might take it for granted. While you certainly don’t want your wedding area to look like it’s in need of a good raking, judiciously placing leaves around certain outdoor and indoor areas can be an easy but effective seasonal touch.  

One idea is to make a circle of leaves around where you’ll exchange vows, giving your nuptials a unique organic flavor. If you’d rather bring a touch of nature indoors, consider hanging bundles of branches and leaves above your guests’ table to add that extra touch of natural elegance.Just be mindful of keeping them hung or in cases as leaves getting onto the dance floor could cause one to slip. Nonetheless, by focusing on making your autumnal decorations look effortless, you’ll add a seasonal charm that will enhance your late fall wedding style and your guests’ enjoyment! 

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