How To Keep Cool During Your June Wedding

How To Keep Cool During Your June Wedding

While it might not officially become summer until the solstice near the end of June, as soon as Memorial Day over most of us have slipped into a summer frame of mind. While May sees its share of outdoor weddings held on our sprawling grounds or elsewhere, June is when we really get into prime summer wedding season. As you likely know from experience, summer is the most popular time to get married. But it also comes with its share of issues, mainly those caused by Mother Nature such as overheating, sweating, and general discomfort. Of course, all of these potential issues can be headed off in advance with just a bit of planning.

For instance, since some brides truly prefer an all-outdoor wedding, if you will be having older members of your family or those especially sensitive to over-heating, be sure that you have plenty of shaded and tented areas mapped out and easily available. What we tend to find with the brides who book with us is that they want the best of both worlds and they get it, between our impeccably manicured and picture-perfect grounds, our luxurious outdoor patio, or our indoor areas that kept thoroughly comfortable with centralized air. So when planning for a summer wedding, decide well in advance whether you want to fully brave the elements or if you want to have some traditional creature comforts.

If you are having part of or all of your wedding outside, then you have several options for stylishly keeping your guests cool and comfortable. For instance, one functional party gift we’ve seen recently is couples having little bottles of sunscreen made with their initials monogrammed on the bottle so that guests can avoid sunburn while having a nice keepsake.

Additionally, paper fans provide an old-school touch of elegance that you can also customize with a design, image, or lettering of your choice. And if you’d rather go the vintage route, scout out some antique fans to let your guests truly stay cool in style.

Finally, while keeping your guests hydrated goes without saying, there are plenty of ways to add a personal touch of class to your cold beverage offerings. For instance, have custom labels made for bottle water that you have stashed in prime locations. Don’t just stick with water; nothing says the start of summer like some classic, old-fashioned lemonade that the kids and grown-ups can enjoy. And for the Arnold Palmer fans in attendance, consider having freshly-brewed Iced Tea on hand that you can flavor with such scents as lavender and honey.


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