What to Know When Using Social Media at Weddings in 2018

What to Know When Using Social Media at Weddings in 2018

Social media has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of weddings. No longer do family members and friends have to wait weeks for the official videos and photos to come out to revisit your big day; often photos and videos will hit the web before you’ve even said “I do.” And frankly, that’s the issue for many brides and grooms when the topic of social media comes up. While it’s great to have everyone wanting to share your perfect day with the world, not every couple wants their wedding broadcast live, or even after the fact. So whether you’re getting married or attending a wedding in the near future, here is what not to do on social media…and how to deal with these common mistakes.

Making the Announcement

Announcing your engagement online has become increasingly essential for many couples. After all, going around and individually telling every single person you want to know the news is more than a bit tiring. That said, the ease of posting an announcement on Instagram has led some couples to jump the gun and post an engagement pic before telling their parents, family, and closest friends. Trust us, always tell those most important to you first as not doing so can be quite offensive to some, not to mention your grandparents might not be on social media so take the time and give them a call before posting.

The Ring

Another staple of Instagram is the post-engagement snap of the ring. Now, there is no shame in showing off your beautiful ring, no matter what its size. After all, you will be having friends and strangers alike both lining up to see your new ring IRL for the next several months. Where it gets tacky or boastful is when brides-to-be feel the need to share the nitty-gritty details, like the carats and cost. That is no one’s business and often can rub people the wrong way, so keep the details to yourself!

Double-Check Your Hashtag

In the past decade, custom hashtags for a wedding have gone from a novelty to a tradition as it helps everyone keep track of anything related to your wedding. However, with so many couples coming up with a custom hashtag, be sure you check to see if the one you want has been used before as that can make it harder for others to easily find the posts and pics they want. Lastly, be sure to have signs up at the wedding with your custom hashtag so everyone knows the correct one to use.

Keep It Real

While email has helped streamline so many aspects of getting married, there are still some traditions that just look better in real life. Your wedding invitations still fall into this camp due to the fact that many people receive over 100 emails a day, your invite can easily get lost in the deluge of correspondence. Plus, taking the time and money to invest in customized invitations will be impossible to miss in the mail, so not only is it elegant, but it’s efficient as well!

Be Thankful…and Mindful

Finally, with so much communication happening on phones and email, it can be easy to forget the most important duty every bride and groom has on their wedding day: showing their gratitude to all those that supported them leading up to the moment the bride and groom say “I do.” And if you’re having a small wedding, remember that there are those who have been left off the guest list and thus they might not appreciate seeing 100 photos hitting the web minutes after the vows are exchanged. But with all that said, it’s still your day and only you know what makes you the most comfortable, so follow your gut and steer clear of any and all avoidable drama.

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