Last-Minute Improvements For Your Fall Wedding

Ok, we get it. If you’re getting married this fall at Park Savoy or a similarly elegant venue with indoor and outdoor access, chances are you have most every aspect of your wedding covered.

We’re not talking about elaborate design additions, but rather easy and affordable changes that will enhance the overall experience of your fall wedding and create an extra touch that will truly make your wedding one to remember.

Get Seasonally Inspired

Each season has its unique charms and with autumn you have a lot of bright colors to choose from while the season brings with it a uniquely cozy quality. Where that season is burying with polychromatic flowers and foliage, fall has a more limited color pallette, but one you can build upon as the yellow, orange, and burnt red opens up a whole world of tones and hues you can draw upon. The best part? This can often be as easy as just as collecting leaves and other plants and foliage from around the area.

In addition to the design items that are in your backyard, also consider working in other seasonal flourishes like mini pumpkin topiaries of varying heights to reflect nature’s infinite diversity.

Use the Outdoors

If your ceremony and reception are taking place indoors, then you might want to consider seeing about if there’s a smoking and vaping section. If you’ve booked a venue that has an outdoor section, create your own impromptu smoking area by laying down blankets for a comfortable and relaxed vibe.

Chalkboard Signage

An additional way to add a homespun yet classy and functional design element is to implement chalkboard signage, which is inexpensive and provides an undeniable personal touch. Purchase a few chalk sign boards like those you see outside of a coffee shop and create one with an introductory message that welcomes your guests with a catchy phrase.
You can also use the signs to help your guests get from one area to another or indicate what’s what, such as to display drinks, menus, hashtags, or to create fun photo props.

A Vintage Touch

Out final last-minute design idea involves combing your local antiques and vintage shops for such inexpensive and rustic design elements like mason jars, plus anything else that catches your eye that can easily be integrated into your design theme and will complement a historic and charming venue like The Park Savoy!