A Look Forward to Wedding Trends for Winter/Spring 2018

A Look Forward to Wedding Trends for Winter/Spring 2018

If you’re getting married this coming winter or spring, chances are you’ve already done a considerable amount of research into everything from your color palette to your dress and wedding theme. That said, as wedding planning continues up until the start of the wedding with the countless last-minute tweaks, it never hurts to take stock of the big wedding trends for winter and spring 2018 with a few of our favorites highlighted below. 

Capture the Colorful Spirit of Spring and Winter Elegance 

With winter, elegance tends to be the name of the game though colors are also getting more minimal to evoke a less-is-more quality that looks as regal as it is easy to put together. Silver and white with crystal accents is a glamorous look that will be all the rage this coming winter.  Spring is when wedding planners and their clients alike can really cut loose. Gorgeous and eye-catching jewel tones such as a rich peach and plum capture the blossoming spirit of the season. By going with heavily saturated hues, you can add a real depth to your color palette to create an inviting atmosphere. Add in a sweet neutral such as a sugar for a harmonious effect. 

Floral Fantasies

When looking at winter and spring trends, one starts to notice that winter weddings tend to trade in a more classic type of elegance whereas spring brides often take more risk in their design choices. Part of the reason winter trends tend to emphasize a classic style and spring a more polychromatic look has to do with the seasons themselves, with the winter landscape providing a minimal background upon which to build while spring provides a cornucopia of color upon which to draw inspiration. 

For this coming winter, red roses and calla lilies are time-tested favorites but consider mixing it up with more robust flowers such as white hydrangeas and soft ranunculuses while adding white boutonnieres accented with a white lace or natural greenery.  

Dress To Thrill

Last but not least, we were seriously impressed with Bridal Week Spring 2018 last year, and now that we’re starting to see some of the dress trends emerge as winter creeps up on us, it’s clear that bold colors, lace, and a boudoir are three of the hottest dress styles to heat up the winter/spring wedding season.  

Of course, trends come and go. At the end of the day, the ideal wedding should be a smart combination of traditional elegance and contemporary panache.  

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