What to Look for When Shopping for a Bridal Clutch

If there’s one style that’s hotter than ever in the world of bridal fashion, it’s the bridal clutch. Besides being a dazzling addition to your already jaw-dropping ensemble, your clutch will be your best friend on your wedding day, ferrying around everything from makeup to tissues to cameras. Of course, picking one that pairs with your outfit is another major decision to throw into the mix, so use these tips from The Park Savoy Estate to narrow down your choices!


  1. Let your accessories be the guide

A good rule of thumb with any clutch is to let your accessories do the talking, and find a bag that will pair beautifully with them (or the other way around!). This will give your ensemble an undeniable streamlined appeal that will show through in your wedding photos!


  1. Try colorblocking

Are you incorporating a singular color to accent your white wedding dress? Make sure your clutch gets in on the act! Colorblocking is the practice of wearing varying shades of the same hue, so for instance if you’re wearing a dark purple necklace or earrings, go with a lighter shade in your clutch to provide consistency, but still find the perfect match.


  1. Be inspired by your theme

If you’re working with a specific theme during your special day, your clutch is the perfect opportunity to throw in a statement piece. An earthy, knit style could be perfect for a rustic wedding, while a vintage pattern is a dazzling accent for a more traditional backdrop.


  1. Metallic appeal

If you can’t settle on a specific color, a metallic shade in silver, gold or copper is a fabulous backup idea that can pair with just about anything. This will enhance the visual appeal of your ensemble, will combine beautifully with most styles of jewelry and can provide a great backdrop for customization if you’d like to personalize yours before the big day!

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