How to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Wedding

Here at The Park Savoy, from spring through early fall, it’s not uncommon for couples wanting to take advantage of our sprawling yards and gorgeous outdoor patios during the warm months of the year. After all, spending an entire day in AC when the sun is shining bright isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it makes sense to have at least a part of your wedding outside, whether it’s holding your ceremony in a garden surrounded by family and flowers or having drinks on the patio, there’s many ways to integreate the outdoors into your wedding. Here are some tips on how to ensure things go without a hitch.

One of the common issues people have in setting up an outdoor wedding is picking the right chairs. As many of the options are made of wrought iron or wood, these can become uncomfortable during a lengthy ceremony so adding pillows that match your wedding’s color scheme is a decorative way to fix a practical problem.

When it comes to what to wear to an outdoor wedding, be mindful of the fact that heels aren’t always the most ideal footwear for the grass. Simply including a little note in the invitations is an easy way to ensure no one is caught off guard. And if your bridesmaids are going to be wearing heels, provide them with cement blocks to stand on so that they don’t sink into the soft grass.

If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding, especially if it fall during the hottest months of the year, channel the elegance of a Great Gatsby or 1920s-styled wedding and give all of your guests parasols to protect them from the sun in an elegantly fashionable way. And if the temperature is forecast as being a scorcher, consider having your florist on hand to continually mist your flowers so they stay looking fresh all day.

In terms of providing ample hydration, have iced water stations throughout your wedding area and instead of buying hundreds of botteled waters, have a self-serve station or even a refreshments bar where guests can get refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks made by a cocktail artist. Also be sure to have insect repellant options on hand, and add that all-impotant personal touch by having your own labels printed for custom-made bug spray.

Finally, if your crowd skews towards the younger age group or you want to inject some fun into your guest’s wardrobes, purchase colorful plastic sunglasses and place them in an antique wooden box for guests to help themselves. A more stylish version of this would be to buy Ray Ban-styled sunglasses, especially if you’re going with an outdoors theme.

The crux of putting on a successful outdoor wedding is finding that balance between practical provisions—including water, protection from the sun, bug spray, and snacks—and elegant styling. Many couples are achieving this by making custom labels and personalizing the above options in a way that reflects their own taste. And of course, you can always print your wedding program on a fan, a perfect symbol of the practical elegance that outdoor weddings require. So do your research, speak with our expert planners, and above all, keep it personal to make your wedding unlike any other.

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