Make your Wedding Reception Shine with these Lighting Tips

With flowers, a wedding reception theme and countless other tasks to attend to before your big day, one element in wedding planning that can sometimes receive less attention is your lighting scheme. The right reception lighting can dramatically improve the mood and atmosphere of your gathering without having to break the bank in the process. Here are a few ways to create a delightful arrangement for your reception.

1.Work with your wedding venue

Before you look into hiring lighting professionals or other outside help, The Bulletin suggests working with your wedding venue to get a sense of what their lighting stocks are and how they can be utilized in your lighting scheme. This can dramatically reduce your bottom line and reduce the amount of fixtures you may need to rent for the festivities.

2.Finish your scheme with accent lights

Once you’ve decided on the major fixtures and colors throughout your venue, you can fill in the gaps with a number of smaller lights. LED strip and rope lights are cost-effective options that you can place underneath tables or other features in the reception hall to add an ambient effect. Ultimately, it comes down to assessing your venue, reviewing your options and finding lights that fit into your budget and chosen theme. A little creativity can go a long way and you’ll be happy with the results!



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