Making the Most of Your Garden Wedding at The Park Savoy

Making the Most of Your Garden Wedding at The Park Savoy

Garden Wedding at The Park SavoyIn addition to The Park Savoy’s luxurious ballroom with its floor to ceiling windows, when the summer season comes, our gorgeous gardens and stone deck make for an ideal location for an outdoor wedding.  Overlooking acres of palatial grounds, it truly makes for a breathtaking venue to hold your reception.  However, no couple is the same and it helps to add a personal touch to your garden ceremony and outdoor reception.  Here are some ideas to make the most of our garden wedding at The Park Savoy.

Decorate The Aisle

One way to add a personal touch to your garden ceremony is to place flowers that match your color scheme on the chairs next to the aisle.  You can place them in a bucket or tie them with a garland to add a fresh feel to your ceremony.  They can also be re-used as the centerpieces for your tables during the reception.

Hanging Motifs

Another floral accent that can be added is to hang mason jars half-filled with water to place your choice blooms in them.  This will add a sense of enchantment to your ceremony as guests can admire them from below.  And if you are having an evening wedding, you can place tea lights in the jars to add a warm and romantic glow.


Need a good way to direct your wedding traffic?  Purchase bunting or make your own to hang around the periphery of the ceremony or attach it along the aisle to add a unique visual quality and direct your attendee’s movement.  Try using bunting that matches your wedding colors.

Floral Arch

What better way to get married than surrounded by delicious smelling flowers?  We’ve hosted numerous ceremonies where the bride and groom tied the knot under a tapestry of seasonal flowers and it is always makes for the perfect photo. And if your wedding happens to be in the warm autumn months, consider using flowers and foliage that reflect the bright oranges and reds of the season.

Cocktail Hour

After the ceremony is over, keep the party going outside by making use of our stone deck, replete with its own bar and grill, where your family and friends can celebrate into the evening.  Consider using tea lights to add a romantic flair to the reception along with the floral arrangements used during your reception.

If you are considering having an outdoor ceremony during the warm months, at The Park Savoy, we have countless ideas and suggestions on how to make your day truly magical while reflecting your personal tastes.  If you can imagine it, we will help make your dream garden wedding a reality!




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