Managing Wedding Stress – Letting Go of “Perfect”

Managing Wedding Stress – Letting Go of “Perfect”

There is no way around it—weddings are stressful. You’re going to worry that things won’t go right and honestly, chances are there will be some small issues here and there. However, your wedding day is a day you will never forget, and it’s important to manage your stress and let go of the feeling that everything needs to be perfect so that you can actually enjoy the day!


If you’re worried about stress levels, here are 5 tips for managing your wedding stress:


1) Anticipate feelings of anxiety

The most important thing is to anticipate feelings of anxiety. It’s completely natural to feel this way so instead of fretting, anticipate the anxiety and find ways to help yourself alleviate them. Maybe that is keeping a wedding planner book to keep you organized or perhaps it’s doing yoga or exercising regularly.


2) Be decisive and stick with your gut

It’s important to be decisive during your wedding planning process. People often stress about the smallest details, but the reality is that you won’t remember whether you had roses or white orchids in your reception centerpieces. Go with your gut, be decisive, and have confidence that you’re making the right decision.


3) Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s

Comparison is the quickest way to create stress. If you compare your wedding to that of your sister, your friend, or that random girl from high school that you still follow on Facebook, it’s inviting stress in. Your wedding day is your own, and it’s no use comparing it to someone else’s. It’s you and your fiancé’s day to celebrate so do what makes you both happy.


4) Add contingency into your wedding budget

Money is the number one reason that people stress when planning for a wedding. That’s why it’s important to add some contingency into the budget. That gives you a little wiggle room if you stumble upon an idea that you must have at the wedding. Instead of arguing about the budget, you can simply agree to shift the “contingency” money towards that.


5) Take time to relax and forget about wedding planning

When you’re planning for a wedding the most important thing is to take time away to relax and forget about the wedding planning. The only thing you and your fiancé talk about shouldn’t be the wedding. Take time to relax, go out on dates, and get away from the stress of wedding planning.


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