Manners Maketh The Bride & Groom

The 2014 action-comedy “Kingsmen: The Secret Service” revived one of British literature’s famous proverbs: “Manners maketh the man”, and since we like to think or ourselves as a modern wedding venue, manners maketh the woman as well (or bride, in this case). And it’s true. Manners are –when distilled to their base concept –consideration for other people’s feelings and struggles –empathy as a social action. Those who remember and practice them tend to stand rank-and-file above the rest in our hearts and minds.

No one likes to be called “bridezilla”, even talking about this makes our noses wince a little. It seems like we’re pre-condemning people without even meeting them, but we’ve been in the business long enough to notice how a stressed-out wedding couples are kind of radioactive. They don’t just makes things difficult for those working at a wedding, they also tend to sap the fun and energy from the guests as well (particularly the wedding party). Now, should you put up with bad or sub-par service on your wedding day? Absolutely not. Not now and not ever, but people can just get overloaded on all of the to-do’s and keeping up appearances. So much that it actually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of un-enjoyment.

This is the best piece of advice we can offer: relax. Yeah, it sounds simple as you’re reading this. But when the cake delivery is stuck in traffic, the parents’ flight is delayed and the MOH spills wine all over her dress, the word “relax” will transform from inane advice into a critical and holy mantra. That’s why Douglas Adams thought to include his most critical piece of advice is his in-universe, eponymous “Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy” as “Don’t Panic.” As our sister venue Nanina’s described in The Art of Wedding Planning, it’s impossible for something with as many moving parts as a wedding to go off without a speedbumps or not have a few close calls. Being calm and actually expecting them to happen is mindset not born out of pessimism but rather a proactive, upbeat realism.

You can always tell the difference between the people who get stressed and forget their social graces verses the ones that stay calm and always treat the people beside them with respect. They’re remembered quite differently by friends, family and staff alike.

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