The Must-Have May Wedding Flowers Trends for 2017

Is there another month quite like May? The last full month of spring is when things truly heat up around these parts and seemingly every flower imaginable is in bloom. That said, when it comes to selecting the wedding flowers for the decor along with your bouquet, there are plenty of flowers particular to the month of May you might want to incorporate. Below find some of our favorite flowers that are in bloom in May along with some ideas for how to use them.

First up, it’s hard to talk about flowers in May and not mention Peonies. The colorful and large petals make it a perfect flower to use in a single flower bouquet or centerpiece or mixed with Pink Gerbera and white roses. Speaking of white, Calla lilies are always a tasteful and elegant choice for a single flower bouquet. If you’re looking to add a perfume-like scent to your big day, oriental lilies emit a strong and pleasant aroma and come in a variety of flowers and patterns.

Pink and white are always big hits in spring weddings and there is no shortage of flowers to choose from if you want to go this elegant and traditional route, including Pink and White Roses, the rose-like Pink Ranunculus, or Cymbidium Orchids that are a luscious light pink. Sweet Pea blossoms also provide a more down-to-earth spin on pink with the verdant green that surround the flowers.

Purple is another big May color and there are plenty of wildflowers to choose from, such as Montecasino Aster and Statice Sinuata, flowers that combine a healthy dose of green with all that royal purple. If you’re looking for a bigger blossom or more pronounced color, then a bouquet full of purple Lisianthus, Hydrangea, and Hyacinth will definitely do the trick.

Filler stems and greenery is always a good way to fill out a bouquet, whether you’ve stuck with only one flower or a dozen different ones. To add a dose of color with your filler, Waxflower and Limonium will provide a punch of deep pink and purple, respectively. Meanwhile if white is more your style than Gypsophila adds a truly ethereal touch to any bouquet or centerpiece.

In addition to the bouquets and centerpieces, also consider hanging bouquets on the wall or even decorating the tables with fresh greens if you want to really add a floral finish to your wedding. No matter what you choose, make sure it reflects your own personal style and with so many flowers to choose from, there truly are perfect wedding flowers for every bride