A must-have wedding survival kit for teary brides

Your wedding will be one of the most unforgettable days of your life, and if you’re the kind of lady who is easily emotional or can cry at the drop of a hat, a few happy tears are sure to show up. The intense emotion of your nuptials can cause those tears to flow, and that can certainly wreak havoc on your makeup and may put a damper on your wedding photos.

When you put together your wedding survival kit that will get you through the day, make sure you pack these essential items that can help you respond quickly if you feel like you’re about to tear up!

  1. Eye drops: An unfortunate side effect of crying are the watery, bloodshot eyes that you certainly don’t want showing up in your photos. Before the big day, seek out a bottle of redness reducing eye drops that can clear up any eye issues before each portion of your ceremony.
  1. Fans/Parasols: The easiest way to ruin your makeup is by giving into the temptation to wipe your face! A small fan can quickly help to stop and dry any tears that may appear during your nuptials without having to touch your face. And as a fringe benefit, you can find one that matches your wedding ensemble.
  1. Anti-moisture eye makeup: Using any form of moisture-resistant eye shadow or eye liner is a must have no matter what style you’re going for, and pairing those with a waterproof mascara that can stay brilliant even when those happy tears arrive. You can also make things easier on yourself with faux lashes, which come in numerous styles and will leave you worry-free all day.
  1. Cry kit tote bag: Whether you’re at the ceremony or the reception, make sure your supplies are close by! You never know when a touching maid of honor speech or first dance will bring on the waterworks, so throw everything into a small tote and hang onto it during the day, or make it a special job for one of your bridesmaids! Or better yet, since Nanina’s in the Park’s bridal suite is just behind the brides table, you can quickly dash off to touch up your makeup or dry up those tears in a pinch during the reception!

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