How to Narrow Down Your Wedding Invite List

Quite possibly one of the most arduous tasks you’ll have to tackle after your engagement is creating a wedding invitation list. Friends, co-workers, classmates and even family members will be on the chopping block, and it’s up to you and your significant other to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you’re just getting the process started, keep a few of these rules of thumb in mind to help you make decisions you can live with down the road.


  1. Friends

A buddy from college and close friend may seem like must-haves at your nuptials, but if you find yourself unable to narrow down your list of close confidantes, you need to ask yourself some honest questions. A good question to ask yourself is, will I be having dinner with this person sometime in the coming year? If you can’t even commit to that hypothetically, it may be time to put that person on the “maybe” list!


  1. Family Member

Of course, immediate family members are guaranteed to make your list, but you may want to take pause with some of your distant cousins. For instance, if you have an extended segment of the family with one or two individuals you’re close with, you have to be prepared to invite all of them to prevent any feelings from being hurt. Family is a delicate balancing act, but plan ahead and lean on your immediate family to make these tough decisions.


  1. Co-Workers

There are “work” friends and close friends who go above the standard “co-worker” moniker. However, if you work in a tightly-knit office and you want to invite one person, you need to be prepared to invite everyone else in the department to avoid directly excluding them.


  1. Plus-Ones

This is a huge decision you’ll need to make early on as it will make a huge difference in your budget and the overall nature of the ceremony. If you’re comfortable treating strangers to dinner and filling out all of those guest invitations, go for the gusto! However, if you want a more intimate event with close friends and family, it may be best to leave the plus ones out.

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