Overcoming Chorophobia Part II

Last week, we set out on our express goal to get you on the dancefloor during the reception party. We covered removing that imp in the back of your that tells you, “you can’t dance” and offered some basic instruction on the move your body in sync with the tempo. There’s a reason for dedicating this much time to convince you (or your stubborn friend) to dance. Many of my fondest memories at weddings involved being on the dance floor. Unlike being at a club or a formal dancing event, there is such a celebratory air at weddings that it makes everyone’s dancing simple fun. There is no posturing and no pressure to be Hollywood perfect. But if you are looking for a way to corral a friend onto the dance floor, we have one all-important tip.


Everyone Has a Song

Or their groove, or jam –whatever you want to call it. Some songs just speak to people on a fundamental level. It may remind them of a happy memory, or identity with a core principle of their beliefs The number one way to lure your friend onto the dance floor is to play their song. I’ve known people that for all intents and purposes, cross their arms, stomp their feet swear that they have no rhythm only to transform into James Brown when their favorite song comes on. If you are planning along with the DJ, (or band) use this to your advantage. Make a list of your friends’ songs and see if it works with the people setting up the music. Once someone finally crosses that threshold of getting onto the dance floor, they are likely to stay on for another song or two.

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