How to pick the perfect calligrapher for your wedding invitations

With the long list of tasks you’ll have to accomplish before your wedding day, going the extra mile to hire a calligrapher to jazz up your wedding invitations may seem like an unneeded luxury. In reality, these professionals are usually one of the least costly vendors you’ll have to hire, and it could give your invitations, guest cards and other pieces of stationery a major decorative punch. Here are a few tips from The Park Savoy to keep in mind when you’re searching for a calligrapher.

Shop with a clear plan in mind
A calligrapher can play a number of vital roles in your wedding decorations, as well as jazzing up your wedding invitations. Before you start your search, be sure to walk into any meeting with a clear set of goals that you would like to accomplish, as well as doing plenty of research beforehand to see how calligraphy can be interwoven into a wedding ceremony and its preparation. You may be surprised to find out just how easily a calligrapher can improve your ceremony’s visual appeal.

Review your professional’s past work
When you start your search, don’t limit yourself to private professionals and look to see if there is some sort of calligrapher’s guild in your area that could point you in the right direction toward individuals whose style matches your preferences. Additionally, since the vast majority of these artisans put their portfolios and past works online, you can get a better sense of what you’re paying for with a simple web search!

Don’t limit your medium
Last but not least, calligraphers can work with just about any backdrop available, so don’t stop at the invitations. If you’re thinking of putting together some customized wedding favors, adding a dazzling chalkboard to post your dinner menu or adding elegant table numbering to your reception venue, you can probably find a calligrapher who can give your décor a dazzling personalized finishing touch.

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