How to Plan Wedding Pictures That Incorporate Your Theme

How to Plan Wedding Pictures That Incorporate Your Theme

Wedding photos are arguably one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding and an essential part of ensuring you get the type of pictures that you’ll be happy with every time you open your wedding scrap book or scroll through your online photo album or stream. Of course, as with any vendor, finding a wedding photographer can be a time-consuming practice but one that ultimately pays off. You can always ask your vendor for recommendations, as they may have competent photographers they’ve worked with in the past to refer you to.

Below we lay out our time-tested strategies for finding the photographer that can can bring your theme to life via well-placed locations as well as tips for you to help ensure they come out as you dream they will.

Do Your Homework

Now this step actually has two steps to it. Firstly, obviously you need to gather information on the different photographers in your area. We advise taking a multi-pronged approach to this step that includes asking other couples alongside friends and family for any recommendations. We here at The Park Savoy or a different venue that you speak to the person handling your wedding for recommendations as they will know the venue’s grounds in and out and thus can help you find the picture spots that resonate best with your chosen wedding theme.

Secondly, following off the above advice, do an additional tour of the grounds before the ceremony, preferably with your photographer. That way, he or she can take stock of the venue’s grounds and interiors themselves and start brainstorming or making notes as to where the best place for the wedding photos are in addition to making notes of any additional supplies you might need.

Outside or Inside

When choosing whether to take your wedding photos inside or outside the venue, it often depends on the season. If you’re having a summer wedding, then speak to the venue about the best outdoor locations whereas if outdoor photos aren’t possible to the weather, take stock of the best indoor settings. Choosing the right location is crucial as it should encapsulate everything about what made the day extra special: look for special spaces in your venue to create truly unique photos that will remind you of your special day.

Incorporate the Theme Naturally

Lastly, consider incorporating any props that help reinforce the theme, as long as you feel it’s tasteful and natural. If your wedding is centered around a baseball theme to you and your groom’s love of baseball, think about how that theme can be naturally worked into the image. Ultimately, you want any “props” not to feel like accessories but rather like invaluable aspects of the image. As always, personalization is what makes any successful wedding and that goes for the photos as well. So make sure to give your pictures a unique twist that will truly symbolize your new future as husband and wife.

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