Picking the Best Flowers for Your July Wedding

Picking the Best Flowers for Your July Wedding

Summer brings with it some of the most colorful and exciting flowers of the years and July, in particular, is a high point for floral fanatics. Hopeless romantics can find within nature the most perfect accessories alongside a truly bountiful variety of options that include all sizes, colors, and smells. So join us as we share just a few of the many flowers that are in season for your July wedding and could be perfect for you in 2017 or later.

Sunflowers are the obvious place to start as it doesn’t get more summery than them. After all, sunflowers take the first half of summer just soaking up the rays and nutrients while growing tall than LeBron. A symbol of happiness and good luck, they work both by themselves, bunched together and tied together with twine and they as part of a bouquet alongside other July flowers like the multi-hued Delphinium.

Available in hues that include blue, reds, oranges, blues, red-purples, whites, ivories, purple and pinks, Delphinium translates as heavenly, which makes sense as this star-shaped flower is an ideal July wedding bouquet centerpiece. Similarly, purple violets may be commonly seen during the month of July as they pop up all over the countryside, but their ubiquity is part of their charm as they also come in shade of white, purple, cream, and yellow. Not to mention that they symbolize peace and joy, making them the perfect July wedding flower.

If you like a variety of shapes in your floral bouquets, then July is the perfect month to include some Dahlias–they also work great just by themselves in an assortment of white, orange, pink, yellow, and bicolor. Another truly singular and large flower is the Matsumoto Aster whose name translates quite directly as “beautiful.” Possessing a strong and unique scene, it comes in a wide range of colors that include lavender, yellow, pink, blue and purple along with some bi-colored versions.

Of course, July isn’t all big-budded flowers. There are also those that contain a whole multitude of colorful and miniature blossoms that serve to complement some of the above flowers (though they are small, violets can certainly hold their own with the big boys). Cornflowers are similar in size to violets and provide a spiky counterpart to those more smooth blossoms, earning it the nickname of a “bachelor blossom.”

Other big things that come in small packages are irises, whose supple shapes can really make a bouquet stand out while Bouvardia’s small blossom and striking form add a charming degree of texture. Whatever you choose, try to mix it up with personal favorites and new flowers that catch your eye.

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