Have a plan for everything during your outdoor wedding ceremony

There’s nothing quite like hosting your celebration of love and commitment to your significant other against the backdrop of gorgeous natural scenery, which can make for amazing photo ops, endless opportunities for outdoor décor and a chance to enjoy the best the season has to offer.

Of course, an outdoor wedding requires far more planning than a traditional venue, as there are many factors that are outside of your control you’ll have to attend to. To make sure you leave no stone unturned, use this tips from The Park Savoy Estate to help you special day go off without a hitch!

  1. Organize a contingency plan
    Since you can’t control the weather, the first thing you should do when planning your outdoor wedding is to check with your venue to see if there is availability for an indoor space or the ability to set up a tent that can quickly move your ceremony and reception indoors. Pay special attention to how easily your décor can be transported, as well as lighting, seating and spatial constraints. Last but not least, look into rental options like seat cushions, curtains, tiebacks and other accents that can tie everything together indoors or out.
  2. Seasonal concerns
    With the vast majority of weddings occurring in the summer, many couples will plan ahead by adding beverage stations for excessive heat, setting up citronella candles for insect-ridden environments and providing plenty of shade for older guests. In cooler months, adding heat lamps, instructing guests to wear specialized footwear for wet terrain and providing blankets are great ideas that can help your attendees be comfortable in any environment.
  3. Music choices
    A beach wedding virtually calls for a steel drum ensemble, while a rustic theme may benefit from something a bit more folksy like country or bluegrass. No matter what your tastes, make sure you have a music selection that suits the nature of your gathering. Most importantly, make sure your DJ or band has enough power for equipment so that the music and lights don’t cut out in the middle of your festivities!
  4. Creating a menu
    In the same way that music is dictated by your wedding locale, your culinary options could also be inspired by your theme and the surrounding environment. Summer weddings have plenty of options like a New England clambake, a Hawaiian pig roast or a Southern barbecue, and typically you should shoot for something that wouldn’t be considered traditional ballroom fare. Being adventurous with your cocktail, appetizer and dinnertime options can help you avoid those tired wedding options and leave your guests impressed with your handiwork!

Whether you’re holding an indoor or outdoor wedding in the future, let the professionals at The Park Savoy Estate put together the celebration of your dreams. The Park Savoy Estate is consistently ranked among the top wedding and special event venues in New Jersey and can help you build a dazzling event from the ground up!

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