Planning Fall Wedding Photos at a Garden Estate

Planning Fall Wedding Photos at a Garden Estate

Fall is one of the best times to have a wedding, especially if you’re looking to capture particularly stunning wedding photos. However, it is important to keep a few things in mind when planning your fall wedding photos at a garden estate like The Park Savoy Estate. Keep reading for a few tips on how to get the fall wedding photos of your dreams!

Create a Timeline

The most important thing to do is have a timeline for the overall wedding, but also for pictures. Are you doing a first look? If so, what time and who needs to be there? Planning to shoot pictures after the wedding? You’ll need to know the timeframes to give your photographer an idea of how much time he has before you’re expected at cocktail hour or the reception.

Visit the Venue the Week Prior to Your Wedding

When you’re planning fall wedding photos at a garden estate, you also need to have a close idea of what the place actually looks like a few days prior to the wedding. Fall foliage changes quickly, so if you’re planning to take pictures in front of a brilliantly red and orange tree, but find out three days before that the tree lost all of its leaves already, you’ll need a backup plan. Be sure to take your photographer and tour the venue a week to a few days before if your schedule permits.

Have a List of Must-Have Photos

Something else to keep things running smoothly is having a list of must-have photos. This list doesn’t just entail poses that you want to have, but also includes lineups. You need a photo with your mom, your dad, both spouses’ parents, larger family photos, etc. Having a detailed list and someone to shuffle people in and out of the pictures will make things run much more smoothly.

Take Advantage of the Natural Beauty

When you’re taking fall wedding photos you should obviously take advantage of all of the natural beauty that your garden estate offers. Consider where the sun will be at certain times so you can take intimate silhouette pictures, but also look to incorporate stunning fall foliage into your photos.

Develop a Backup Plan

While no one likes to think about things going wrong, it’s always important to have a backup plan. If the weather doesn’t permit outdoor photos, you’ll need an alternative location. The great thing about having your wedding at a garden estate is that you get the best of both worlds. Stunning outdoor fall photos if the weather cooperates or stunning photos inside the gorgeous on-site estate!

The Park Savoy Estate is the Top Garden Estate Wedding Venue in New Jersey!

If you are searching for the perfect estate wedding venue for your fall wedding, look no further than The Park Savoy Estate! Not only do we have a stunning reception area, but our immaculately manicured grounds are perfect for capturing stunning fall wedding photos. For those interested in seeing everything we have to offer, contact us today to schedule a tour.


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