Preparing For The Videographer Interview Part 1: A Groomsmen’s Tale

Hiring a Videographer for a wedding has transformed from fun option into full-fledged custom. These talented filmmakers don’t just film a wedding, they edit the ceremony into a cinematic narrative that’s well worth the asking price. A common vignette that Videographers do is interviewing key people at the wedding. This tends to include the wedding couple, the wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen) and parents.

Despite wedding videography being around for some time now, people still get surprised when they turn around, and the camera is tuned directly on them. We have a friend that has a bad case of stage fright, and when it came time for his close-up, things went hilariously bad. He does however, have a good sense of humor and has agreed to let us tell what happened when he was a groomsmen for his friend’s wedding.


It was 15 minutes before the nuptials and I was checking myself in the mirror to make sure my bow-tie was on properly. Even though I’m used to business casual for work, when someone hands me a tux, they might as well be handing it to Tarzan and saying ‘see you in five. Look sharp!’ I saw a flash of light glare from the surface of the mirror, and when I turned around, there was the Videographer, camera on –red dot blinking and all –with a wry smile on his face.

Surprised isn’t the word. I was frozen. A cornered animal that had wandered into the city and now had news team spotlights tracking my horrified movements through unknown territory.

“Hi there, I was wondering if I could ask you some question?”


“We’d like to know how you met [the groom].”

Silence. Was this actually happening? No Warning –interview time –here in the Men’s Dressing Room?

“I…I don’t remember.”


I couldn’t tell if the videographer was taken aback or amused. Both?

“Well,” he searched for moment, “what can you tell me about [the groom]? What’s he like?

I was trying not to hyperventilate.

“He’s….a person.”

All the Videographer could do was blink.

“He…breathes air.”

“He…likes food…”

If I wasn’t so focused on being scared, the part of my brain that enjoys making fun of myself would have been giving a standing ovation –tear-in-eye-encore-cheering standing ovation.

Bewildered, the Videographer actually titled his head before turning to cough. It was the type of cough someone does when they’re calling on every ounce of professional composure in their being to not laugh.

“Alright –that was –enough. Thank you.”

He pressed a button and the white glare was gone. I could think again.

Calm returned, my thoughts were on track…Oh, God, what did I just say?

“Thank you again,” He picked up the tripod the camera had been connected to in one smooth, practiced motion and walked out of the dressing room.

A year later, I was with the wedding couple watching the wedding video. My interview had made the cut –at the insistence of the wedding couple. They loved it. I think they told the Videographer I was camera shy and to have fun.

Of course, a year later, it was hilarious to watch.

End Quote.

Does this happen often? No. No it doesn’t. But not everyone likes being filmed; others are fine with it, but don’t know (or forget) that wedding interviews are becoming a staple, and can get caught off their game.

Next week, we’re going to talk about ways we can avoid having any of the interviews at your wedding wind up like our friend’s. The Park Savoy will see you then!

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