Rehearsal Dinners: The Basics

For many, The Rehearsal Dinner is the moment when the wedding formally begins. Sure, the rehearsal has already taken place, but there is something about both families coming together (perhaps for the first time) that can make the weight of the event really sink in.

The wedding couples’ closest friends and their family members all together for dinner (for reference, if this is a common occurrence in your life, many people have reason to be envious). There’s nothing wrong with simply having a nice dinner, but it’s always good to know the details and what options are available to you.

Part I: Who Pays for It?

Dinner checks –wars have been started over less. Custom dictates the parents of the Groom organize and pay for the wedding –probably as a modern interpretation of dowries. But it is the twenty-first century and tradition is slowly changing. It’s not terribly uncommon for the parents of the Bride or even the Couple themselves to pitch in. Not that there’s anything wrong with tradition. Right, dad?


Part II: Formal or Informal?

Whether or not the dinner is held at a restaurant with a stellar Zagat rating or something more personal (like at someone’s home or The Couples’ favorite mom an’ pop restaurant) is usually up to whose paying. But communication is key. On one hand, a restaurant everyone will rarely go to brings to life the poignancy of a wedding (and the food. Really, the food); on the other, if there’s a lineup of formal events planned –as in events after the wedding or a family weekend –a quiet, casual dinner can be like a calm intake of breath before the plunge.


Part III: Gifts for The Wedding Party?

Yes. Just, yes. On this, we can be definitive –especially if their told it’s not going to happen. It’s not often the Wedding Party is recognized, but even small gestures are remembered and cherished. You don’t have to go with the standard matching bracelets and engraved pocket watches, either. Small, personalized gifts can be far more memorable. One of the Bridesmaids an avid reader? New book from their favorite author. Groomsmen a gamer? Surprise him with the latest AAA title. Like most gift-giving events, the personal touch has more to do with the giver showing how well they know the recipient. There’s no need to break the bank, either. You can make a budget for each member of the Wedding Party. Wedding Party gifts will (or should be) remembered when it’s their turn to tie the knot.


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