Sophisticated Wedding Party Gift Ideas for Brides and Grooms

Sophisticated Wedding Party Gift Ideas for Brides and Grooms

When it comes to your wedding day and all the events you have planned leading up to it, your wedding party is almost like your entourage. They’re there to make sure you’re having a great time, deal with any issues that might arise, and just generally have your back. So a simple “thank you” doesn’t quite cover just how much your bridesmaids or groomsmen do for you and yours on your special day. Your wedding party gift should be elegant but also thoughtful, classy and unique. Below are some of our favorite sophisticated wedding gift ideas for the men and women who help make your day what it is.

For the Brides

For bridesmaids, one classic idea is a custom make-up kit. But to add an extra touch, have monogrammed compacts made for each one of your bridesmaids with her initials inscribed upon it so she can dab up the tears when you tie the knot. Of course, it never hurts to have a handkerchief on hand as well and getting your custom embroidered will provide a true dose of elegance.

Before you walk down the aisle, there are the hours of prep time you and your ladies will spend together so cut the tension of monogrammed champagne flutes or mule mugs so each bridesmaid can nurse her favorite beverage. And while you’re all having your makeup done or simply sitting back before the wedding rush commences, drape your bridesmaids in luxurious waffle-knit robes hand-embroidered with their names on the breast pocket.

Lastly, outfit your bridal party with lingerie bags to carry their undergarments in and a tote bag embroidered with you and your husband’s new initials so that your girls don’t have to worry about losing track of anything.

For the Grooms

For the guys, you can always go the engraved mug route but for something truly classy, try a deluxe decanter set emblazoned with each groomsman’s initials so they can always remember your time together for years to come.

If you’re thinking more of a varied gift bag full of cigars, sports tickets, and other fun and classy items, house the whole shebang in an antique tackle box or army container that you have engraved with each groomsman’s initials. If you’re still having a tough time coming up with a manly gift to put inside, consider having a set of engraved whittling knives made, especially if your bachelor party is an outdoors affair.

In the end, what really matters is that your gifts are a reflection of the bond you share with your friends who’ve pledged their time and support to see you through your big day. So make their effort count with a sophisticated wedding gift that really captures what they mean to you.

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