Spring Wedding Style – Décor Trends

Spring Wedding Style – Décor Trends

Spring is one of the best times of year to host a wedding, especially at The Park Savoy Estate, when the flowers start to bloom. There’s something to be said about a wedding with a slight chill in the air as the earth wakes up from its winter hibernation.If you’re looking to make your wedding truly spectacular, it’s important to choose the right décor. Keep reading for spring wedding style trends!

Natural Elements and Accents

The best part of spring is the flower blossoms and greenery. That’s why natural elements and accents are popular for spring weddings. Consider incorporating fresh florals and greenery into every aspect of your wedding. From centerpieces and the wedding cake to stunning bouquets and décor accents throughout, you can’t go wrong with natural elements at a spring wedding!

Warm Color Palette

A warm color palette will also be popular this spring. If you’re over pastel color palettes, that’s good news for you! Think bold, warm colors like golden yellow, terracotta orange, and even toffee browns. These colors combined with bohemian natural accents like pampas grass and sunburst details will make your spring wedding truly stand out.

Vase & Jar Signage

Translucent details are another hot spring wedding décor trend. Just think vases, jars, and glass panels decorated with fonts dictating table numbers, seating charts, menus, or other important information. They’re cheap and easy to do, while still adding a sleek element to your wedding décor.

Grid Screens

A grid screen is a utilitarian-esque screen that is taking over the wedding scene in 2020. Grid screens are very versatile and can be decorated with flowers, balloons, tinsel, escort cards, and more! Use larger screens as a focal point or small screens to display your creative table numbers. Grid screens are also a great way to incorporate a stunning flower wall with fresh spring florals!

Abstract Layered Backgrounds

Abstract layered backgrounds are another great décor trend for spring weddings. You can use anything from curtains and multi-colored fabrics to large strips of paper. This type of décor is great for making a focal point for a ceremony backdrop or to highlight the head table at the reception. The great thing is that they can be pulled off by even a modest crafter and are able to be tweaked to fit any theme wedding. Just think abstract shapes and colors layered on top of one another!

Show Off Your Décor With a Wedding at the Stunning Park Savoy Estate!

When you spend so much time planning the perfect wedding décor for your spring wedding, you want the best possible venue to show it off. That’s why you should host your wedding at The Park Savoy Estate! We have everything you need to make your big day special from bridal suites to custom cocktail menus. Your spring wedding at The Park Savoy Estate is sure to wow guests and be an event that you remember for a lifetime! If you’re interested in hosting your spring wedding at The Park Savoy Estate, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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