Spring Wedding Trends You Should Know About

Spring Wedding Trends You Should Know About

From the flowers blossoming to the leaves sprouting on trees, spring is finally here after another wonky winter. Once April hits, the weddings we host start to resemble nature as brides get much more colorful at this time of the year. From vivid floral bridal bouquets to centerpieces seemingly plucked from nature, here are some of our favorite April wedding trends and decoration ideas to give your wedding that tpuch of spring!

Floral Frenzy

If you’re having your wedding in April, then you’re likely going to be surrounded by a lot of blossoming flora and fauna of many colors. For many brides, it’s this profusion of natural beauty that is the very reason that they choose April as their wedding month and thus drawing inspiration from wild flowers and cherry blossoms never goes out of style. Of course, with there being so many options it can be easy to get overwhelmed so following a color guideline can help you navigate the endless choices. For instance, if you’re leaning towards warm tones in your wedding decorations, a bouquet with intense pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows allows you a wide breadth in terms of which flowers you choose without losing yourself in floral options.

Outside of choosing the flowers for your bridal bouquet and centerpieces, flower motifs can also pop in the form of floral-patterned dresses for your bridesmaids or handmade flower crowns for the younger girls in attendance, which can be made using a variety of seasonal options such as cherry blossoms, red roses, and bright berries. And if you’re especially florally-inclined, consider tying a packet of flower seeds to each person’s invitation so that they can start a new beginning all their own.

Pretty in Pastels

The muted tones contained within pastel colors are a perfect complement to the natural beauty that abounds this time of year. For instance, you can turn your bridal party into a living bouquet of pastels by having each bridesmaid’s dress a different color to create an astounding ombre effect in your bridal photos. And it’s not just the ladies who can pull off a pastel punch; instead of going for the customary black tux, a light blue linen suit can perfectly complement a light pink wedding dress or a shimmering white gown.

Easter Echos

If you’re getting married in April, then the Easter Bunny might work his way into your wedding in a tasteful and chic way. For example, if you’re expecting a lot of rugrats at your wedding then having an old-fashioned egg hunt can be a great activity for the little ones. If you’re expecting an older audience, then boil up a batch of different colored eggs and handwrite each guest’s name on one for a fun and edible keepsake.

Ultimately, April and spring weddings in general tend to be about new beginnings, which can make for a particularly intimate and romantic affair. And with nature providing the picture-perfect backdrop, you only need to heighten people’s feelings of renewal and fresh starts by imbuing your wedding with a touch of the season.

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