Take Back Your Wedding Planning Time

We’ve covered in the past how to create and manage your wedding groups –citing useful websites and techniques to make the most the out of your wedding planning. At the time we wrote those articles, we thought we had all of the bases covered, but we didn’t anticipate these findings.

While tagging specific vendors and liking their pages to see investigate their quality is common knowledge for millennials, we were surprised by the statistic that mentioned 70% of wedding couples plan and prepare for their weddings while they’re at work.

Okay, we know. That people use social media while their at work shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone over the age of fifty, and let’s be clear: we aren’t here to criticize or scold you. What’s interesting however, is the implications of rushed planning.

While we’re talking about obvious news, this just in: people have less free time than they used to. We know, we know, take a breath. We’ll get past one sky-falling revelation at a time, we promise.

But wedding planning in five minute sprints while looking over your shoulder?

Is this what we’ve been reduced to?

Wedding planning is stressful, and terribly time-consuming. But rushed, un-researched wedding planning is what leads to the type of weddings that people share on social media, usually in “don’t do this” or “that poor soul” fashion. Is there a way to take back planning for important events and a level of solemnness to it in the age of tweets and wall posts?

Unfortunately, there’s no answer to that that accounts for everyone’s lifestyle and responsibilities, but consider this: don’t let your wedding group be passive. A good wedding party is deputized, in a fashion. You should be assigning people tasks based on their knowledge and abilities. One of the groomsmen review restaurants for a local magazine or paper? He should be researching where the rehearsal dinner takes place. Get one of the bridesmaids to research floral decorations, and don’t forget: a good professional wedding planner literally saves you time. That’s what they’re for. It’s perfectly normal to want to take an active role in the planning or your own wedding, but you also shouldn’t have to sacrifice your safety or comfort in order for that to happen.

And fear not, you are the final arbiter on what takes place and what vendors appear at your wedding, but if the choice is putting in a little trust or continuing to wedding plan in five minute intervals? Is communal responsibility really a fringe idea in the Information Age?

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