The Illusive Morning Person and The Pros to Their Weddings

Having a wedding in the morning. To some, mornings involve waiting for the coffee to kick-in and brains to jump-start. To others, it’s a perfect way to maximize the amount of daylight you can enjoy. There is such a thing as a morning person. And although not everyone fits into this category, there are some significant advantages to having a morning wedding.


They Tend to be Cheaper

Morning weddings, along with off-day weddings like Sunday or Wednesday tend to be cheaper. They can also be easier to schedule due to their less demand as compared to their afternoon and evening counterparts.
Makes for Beautiful Pictures

A bright sun and nature in full bloom make for gorgeous wedding pictures. The plentiful lighting gives photographers a lot to work with to really make you and your party shine.

Can Accommodate Out of Town Guests

If your guests are coming in the day before the wedding, and have to fly out the day afterwards. A morning wedding can give them a chance to rest before they have to fly back and return to work. (Warning: this can backfire if their flight is scheduled to come in late the day before the wedding. Imagine not being able to tell if someone is happy to see you get married because they’re so tired their facial muscles haven’t even activated yet.)

If Your Partner is a Morning Person, They’ll be thankful.

Marriage involves commitment and sacrifice. Agreeing to a morning wedding shows your partner that you are willing to compromise for their comfort. This is a small (the small things matter) but earnest way to show them you intend to love and honor them.

Time to Enjoy and Recoup Before The Honeymoon

Okay, yes, technically the honeymoon begins right after the couple leave the reception. But often couples return to their room late in the evening and are exhausted. I’ve heard of impressive things that couples do with their day together: lazing back at sunset reading the wedding cards, going book and thrift store shopping, and having a personal dinner together. If your honeymoon involves plenty of events (like flying out the next day), an early beginning can be just the thing you’re looking for.

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