Three Fabulous Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Veil

For many brides and grooms who are crafting their own individual style for their wedding days, they will often have to find that perfect balance between traditional accents and their own attire choices to make something wholly unique for them. The veil can be a tricky subject for some brides, as it may seem a bit too old-fashioned and may not fit into your chosen aesthetic. If you’re thinking of bucking tradition and imparting your own personal style, here are a few wonderful wedding veil alternatives to think about in the lead up to your big day!


  1. Headbands

This is an understated look that you can find in myriad regal and sparkling designs that can match beautifully with your wedding dress. Gold and silver pieces with dainty details will help you avoid the costume jewelry look and can give your ensemble a chic and compelling final touch.


  1. Floral Halo

If you’re the kind of girl who loves Bohemian chic styles or has that bit of a “hippie” side to her, floral halos are gorgeous choices that will give your outfit a brilliant pop of color. Typically, these halos have floral arrangements tucked to one side and will sit on your head like a crown. Add an accessory or two in a matching hue and you’ll have a jaw-dropping streamlined look that you’ll love looking back on in your wedding photos!


  1. Woven Embellishments

Last but not least, if you’re looking to give your look a bit more texture and something more unconventional, items like feathered strands or jeweled necklaces will do just that. These items can be woven through your hair to give your hairstyle and unconventional and seemingly effortless boost of style.

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