Three Video Editing Apps Ideal For Your Amateur Videographer

Weddings are certainly expensive affairs, and as you search for the perfect photographer for your special day, you may be inclined to hire a videographer as well. After all, having a video of your wedding is something you can share with your family and friends for years to come, but it can certainly cost a pretty penny. Many couples have begun to ask their loved ones to take on the responsibility of capturing their weddings on video, and this is easier than ever with a huge slate of video editing apps that are now available. It may be amateur video, but its production value will be anything but amateur. Let’s check out some of the best, and easy-to-use, options on the market.


  1. 8mm ($2)

If you’re the kind of person who loves vintage style and wants to impart that into your festivities, having a video style to match is easy with 8mm. This app will allow you to add retro filters, light effects and more that can easily transform smartphone footage into a work of art. You can even set the video to a song uploaded from iTunes.


  1. JumpCam (Free)

Instead of entrusting the video responsibilities to one person, JumpCam will give you the ability to splice together various pieces of smartphone footage at once. You simply need to start by creating a movie and invite others to add their own clips. The app will instantly stitch together the clips automatically, and you can always go back and reorder clips, add music, filters and more.


  1. Procamera 8 ($3.99)

This app is ideal for iPhone users with the iOS 8 operating system and makes it easier than ever to enhance exposure and focus of the smartphone’s camera. It’s the easiest way to dramatically optimize an iPhone camera and will ensure that your videographer can capture and edit your footage with the utmost quality.

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