Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Gown in a Time Crunch

Tips for Finding Your Dream Wedding Gown in a Time Crunch

While many brides start shopping for their wedding dress months—sometimes even over a year—in advance, not every bride can afford to do that. For whatever reason, you’re looking for a wedding gown and there is not a lot of time to secure it. Whether your wedding dress store closed up shop, you’re having a spur of the moment wedding, or you simply don’t love the look of the dress you already purchased, you need to find a wedding gown in a hurry.  Thankfully, there are plenty of options for finding a wedding dress quickly.


Be Prepared to Compromise

First things first, you should be ready to compromise slightly. While there are countless wedding gowns available for someone in a time crunch, know that you might not be able to find the exact wedding dress that you are looking for. Still, with a bit of work, you can still find a fabulous wedding gown in a time crunch.


Look for a Secondhand Dress

If you are in a time crunch to find the wedding dress of your dreams, you might want to consider looking for a secondhand dress. If you think about it, brides typically only wear their wedding dress on their wedding day. They are usually in pristine condition afterward, which means you can get a great deal on a stunning dress by looking online at local sale groups on Facebook or even a local consignment shop.


Visit Local Department Stores

When you think “wedding dress” you probably don’t think about looking at a department store. However, this is a great place to find a great, affordable wedding gown at the last minute. What’s even better is that department stores with bridal departments typically have dresses in varying sizes available right off the rack. That means no waiting for it to ship! They also probably offer alteration services, but you’ll have the dress in hand so you can always take it to your trusted tailor.


Shop Online

You can buy pretty much anything online and that goes for wedding gowns. There are plenty of great and trusted online retailers where you can order the wedding gown of your dreams and have it shipped right away. Sites like David’s Bridal, Floravere, and BHLDN have a pretty vast inventory of dresses available in different sizes. Be sure to check estimated shipping times before ordering to ensure you will receive your dress in time. Also, account for tailoring in your time estimate to ensure it is ready for the wedding!


The Park Savoy Estate Is the Perfect Place to Wow in Your Stunning Wedding Dress

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