Tips for Managing Your Gift Registry

Tips for Managing Your Gift Registry

You don’t get married for the presents, but they’re still a huge part of your big day. From bridal shower presents to wedding gifts, you will be taking in a lot of gifts—and writing a lot of thank you notes! However, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to manage the whole process. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for managing your gift registry.


Register Early

It’s always a good idea to register for gifts early. In fact, this should be one of the first things you cross off your wedding to-do list after getting engaged. That’s because people like to peruse wedding registries early to find a great gift that’s in their price range. At the very least, you should register before sending out your save the dates so you can inform guests of where you registered.


Register for Gifts Together

This seems like a no brainer, but not all couples register for gifts together. These gifts are for both of you so it is important to take inventory of what you already have and what both of you want. Take each other’s likes and dislikes into mind, as well as each other’s sense of style. Chances are there will need to be some compromising, but that’s just good practice for the rest of your married life!


Consider At least One Brick and Mortar Store

While online shopping is growing in popularity, you have to be considerate of all your guests. Some people don’t have Amazon Prime or internet access at all and prefer to go to an actual store and pick out your gift. That is why it’s important to choose at least one brick and mortar store to register at.


Choose Gifts at All Price Points

One thing that couples often do wrong when registering for gifts is choosing gifts at a single price point. If you register for very inexpensive gifts you will probably run out of things on the registry for people to buy. Likewise, if you only have gifts $100 and up on the registry, not everyone spends that much from a bridal shower and guests might go rogue and purchase things that aren’t on your registry. Choose a wide variety of gifts that are around $20, $50, and $100+ to give your guests plenty of options.


Consider Your Lifestyle

Before you start registering for gifts it is important to sit down and really talk about what you want and what you need. Peruse a few pre-made registry “checklists” and talk frankly with your fiancé about what you definitely need or do not need. If you aren’t big on dinner parties or hosting holidays, you probably don’t need to register for fine china. If you don’t like formal gatherings, you can probably skip over the fancy crystal punchbowl. Register for items that fit your lifestyle and that you will actually use.


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