To Booth or Not To Booth

Having photo booths at receptions has become a popular trend among millennials. It was a pricy luxury in the past, but the downward cost of digital photography has made it much more affordable. They can be great fun however there are things to consider if you want to add them to your wedding.


Most photo booths can be rented from a specialized vendor or DJ, and the average cost is 1,000. The price can climb higher if you are looking for a particular aesthetic, like vintage-themed with hardwood exterior.


  • Does it Fit Your Wedding?

While a photo booth can seem like a great idea, you and your partner need to consider if it’s right for you. Photo booths can be a distraction. If you’ve already got a full lineup of events, you may want to skip out on something that can leave guests lining up in the corner for half the reception.


  • Costs too Much? D.I.Y!

If you’re set on a photo booth, but none-too-keen on the cost, it’s pretty simple to make one yourself. For best picture quality you’ll need a DSLR camera, a tripod and fabric for the backdrop. You can get creative with the backdrop as well, such as a wall of roses, propping up lanterns and vines, or even base it around a theme such as old west or pirates. Some paint and a little elbow grease can really make it so your photo booth isn’t just a side attraction, but a form of expression.


  • Prop-It-Up.

Constructing or printing any number of props can turn a photo booth from quaint gimmick to prime attraction. There is the classic mustache (bonus points for adding a monocle and top hat). Word bubbles can work as well. The chance for amusing poses lined up with bits of dialogue can provide photos that will leave you smiling for years to come.

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