Top 3 weird wedding trends to avoid

Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the biggest events of your life, and because of its lofty stature, you may find yourself pouring over countless wedding magazines, blogs and tips from the experts to plan your ceremony down to the finest detail.

However, in the midst of this atmosphere of over-planning and bucking tradition, a few strange wedding trends have emerged over the past several years that may not jive with your guest list or could be a bit of an overreach that you don’t need. Here are a few of the strangest wedding trends to emerge in the recent past that you may want to take out of your wedding budget!

1.A social media concierge

Social media has interwoven itself into our everyday reactions with family and friends, and as a result, some brides and grooms have gone the extra mile to document their event through their public pages with a social media concierge, reported From handling hashtags to posting photos and videos to Vine, Facebook, Twitter and other pages, this option is only for the truly social media savvy couple. It also begs the question – if most of your family and friends will be at the wedding, who will be around to follow it on social media?

2.The “You’re Not Invited” Card

This is a bit like etiquette going so far that it’s bordering on cruel and unusual punishment! In the desire to reach out to family and friends that weren’t able to make it on the guest list, a strange new wedding trend has emerged called the “You’re Not Invited” card. It’s a bit of a passive aggressive way to avoid the awkward conversation of telling a loved one that he or she is not invited to the wedding, most often due to a lack of space. It’s hard to expect what kind of reaction you’ll get from your friend or family member after sending one of these out, so it may be better to build up your courage and talk to him or her on the phone or in person instead. This is far more respectful and can help you smooth over any hard feelings.

3.Bridal diapers

According to Marie Claire magazine, perhaps the most stunning wedding trend of all is the use of bridal diapers. Cringe all you want, but most brides will tell you that using the bathroom is a major chore, and oftentimes she won’t have enough time to get there in the first place with a full day’s worth of activities ahead of her. While it makes sense on paper, let’s hope that the bridal diaper is a flash in the pan that disappears from our collective memories!

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