The Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations for 2015

Where you and your significant other’s choice of honeymoon spots will be largely based on your personalities and tastes (and budget!), it never hurts to take a closer look at which places newlyweds have their hearts set on for the coming year. What are the hottest honeymoon spots for 2015 and would they be a match for the two of you? Let’s find out!


  1. Thailand

As one of the most-searched honeymoon spots on Google, Thailand has a little bit of something for everyone from the bustling streets of Bangkok to the gorgeous mountain landscapes of Phuket. March through May is the tail end of the Thai dry season, and while it may be a bit warm, you can skip the monsoon rains that linger thoughout the year!


  1. Tahiti

While admittedly a bit higher on the price spectrum, Tahiti is the top choice of jet setters and celebrities alike. Tahiti’s gorgeous beaches and stunning landscape make it an ideal spot for a honeymoon, and May through October are the prime times of year to skip the rainy season and much cooler weather.


  1. England

London was named the world’s most popular tourist destination by the MasterCard Global Cities Index Report in 2014, and provides a romantic backdrop for couples of varying tastes. From the rolling English countryside to the hustle and bustle of downtown London, the U.K. offers a gorgeous destination for active couples who want to see it all.


  1. Portugal

While many couples may look to France, Italy and Spain for classic honeymoon destinations, Portugal is often overlooked and just as enticing. Explore the wineries of the Douro Valley, check out medieval architecture or travel to the city of Porto to sample the finest port wine in the world. And let’s not forget about Portugal’s many cosmopolitan cities and gorgeous beachfronts as well!


  1. Brazil

South America is filled with treasures just waiting to be explored, and the unparalleled beauty of Brazil is a prime example. Aside from the excitement of Rio de Janeiro and other major population centers, the allure of the Amazon rainforest and other unspoiled slices of nature make Brazil a dazzling destination for naturalists and thrill seekers alike!

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