Top 5 wedding transportation tips to keep your guests moving

With the floral arrangements, food menu and decorations finally set, now it’s time to handle the more practical jobs you’ll have to tackle before your big day – transportation! While you may have a limousine or two lined up for your wedding party, your guests may need their own share of accommodations as well. Here are a few ways that you can creatively handle your guests’ transportation needs without breaking the bank.

1.Choose ideal timeframes

If your wedding ceremony and reception are split into two different parts of the day, you may want to rethink how you time your transport to suit your guests’ needs. Perfect Wedding Guide suggests inquiring with transport companies to find out which time frames – daytime, day and evening and hourly – you’ll need, as well as when overtime charges could set in.

2.Book well in advance

Along with decorations, food and entertainment, transportation should be planned far in advance, so make sure this is at the top of your list of wedding preparations.

3.Accommodate out-of-towners

Wedding guests who may need a ride from their hotels to the wedding ceremonies is a great way to ensure that everyone gets home safely and avoids the desire to drink and drive, reported The Knot. A charter or shuttle bus is a great option that can take multiple trips before and after the event.

4.Spatial constraints

Will your wedding vehicle have plenty of space for your gown, headpiece, and accompanying bridesmaid dresses? Review the sizes of vehicles beforehand to look your best all day long.

5.Go for the gusto

Is a stretch limo really the pinnacle of wedding style? These days, you can find everything from an antique Rolls-Royce to a Hummer limousine as rentals. Weddings are monumental events, so make sure you have the wheels to match your style and the spirit of the occasion.

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