Unique Ways to Add Texture in Your Minimalist Wedding

Minimalist weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and as we get closer to the summer wedding season, there will be an even larger influx of this style. For those who are unaware Minimalism doesn’t mean boring, cheap, or a lack of color, it simply means a toned-down focus on the details that really matter the couple. This “less is more” approach is driven by millennials bucking traditional trends to plan chic, sophisticated weddings that puts the emphasis on what matters—the couple. If you’re looking for a way to add texture into your minimalist wedding, keep reading! 


Marbled Invitations 

The invitations set the stage for your wedding. That being said, if you are going for a minimalist theme, you’ll want to send invitations that express that sentiment. One way to stick with a traditional minimalist invitation, but still add some texture, is to choose a marbled design. For those planning a monochromatic wedding, choosing a marbled design allows you to stick to the color scheme, while dressing it up a bit. The contrast provides some texture without being too bold or abrasive. This can also be carried throughout the rest of your wedding stationary for a uniform, cohesive look. 


Simply Draped Awning 

In a minimalist wedding, the focus remains on the couple and the love they share. You’ll want to avoid a busy backdrop when tying the knot at the ceremony, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo one all-together. Using a wooden arch as a ceremony backdrop is a simple, yet romantic approach. Taking it a step further and draping it with a single lace accent can add texture while creating a stunning look. 


Contrasting Centerpieces 

Tables at minimalist weddings are not teeming with decorations and décor. Still, well thought out centerpieces are a great place to add some texture into your minimalist approach. If you are going for an all-white or cream theme, consider adding some simple pops of green for your centerpiece. Running vines or wound greenery down your tables creates an elegant texture and makes for great photos! 


Textured Wedding Cake 

Your wedding cake is the perfect place to add some texture into your wedding. Going for a textured white or off-white buttercream is a new fad that adds a unique design element to your wedding cake, without becoming overbearing. It’s elegant enough for guests to ogle, but not so busy that it detracts from your minimalist aesthetic. You can dress your cake up with a pastel flower or two, but might want to avoid adding a busy cake topper. 


Choose a Stunning Venue 

Another way to perfect your minimalist wedding is to choose a venue that doesn’t need to be dressed up. Generic hotel ballrooms don’t serve as a good backdrop for a minimalist wedding, because they need decorations, bold flowers and pops of color to enhance them. With a wedding venue like The Park Savoy Estate, we deliver the décor for you. Our beautifully manicured gardens and stunning ballrooms are perfect for the ideal minimalist wedding. With enough ambiance and elegance on their own, you won’t need to add extensive décor and accessories when planning a wedding at The Park Savoy Estate. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our professional wedding event coordinators will be happy to work with you to make your dream minimalist wedding come to fruition.