How to Use Fall Foliage as a Stunning Seasonal Decoration

Each season has a certain unique character and as nature will always serve as the backdrop for your wedding in some way or other, it makes sense to incorporate nature itself into your wedding decorations and even your wedding itself.

For instance, while not everyone still throws rice due to the health issues it can cause for smaller animals, throwing fall leaves provides a fun and easy way to add a seasonal touch to your first walk together as a couple. It’ll call to mind playing in the leaves as children and look great against the other trees, almost like a shower of leaves!

Of course, leaves have a wide-ranging option of uses, especially as decorations. You can spread them around the floor of your reception area or outdoor cocktail area to add a rustic touch or hang them like more classy streamers to give your wedding that forest-like touch. Another idea is to apply metallic paint to leaves to give them a golden and gilded look that you can use as natural name cards.

Another staple of fall that also makes a fantastic decoration is the pumpkin. Some brides have even had pumpkin-themed weddings! But if you want to keep it more low-key, consider placing some metallic-painted pumpkins around the reception if you want a more urban-rustic look, which you can achieve with just spray paint. Use smaller ones as paperweights or escort cards. One additional use that we’ve seen and loved is taking a larger pumpkin, cutting it in half, emptying it and filling it with ice and drinks! That will certainly make the pumpkins a popular part of your wedding.

Gourds are in the pumpkin family but offer a wider range of shapes and colors that can adapt to a variety of autumnal color palettes. You can use tiny gourds to decorate tables or even paint your guests names on them and place them where people will be seated.

Finally, apples are arguably the most popular fruit of the fall and thus make fantastic decorations. Whether you want to do edible decorations in the form of candy apples or apple pie pops or place apples around the wedding to add an ambient touch, apples add that sweet touch of fall no one can deny!

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