Using July’s Hottest Color to Get Design Inspiration

Using July’s Hottest Color to Get Design Inspiration

As we have said before, color is one of the first things that should be figured out when planning a wedding. Sometimes the theme itself dictates what the colors will be, or the day itself can as well in the case of red, white and blue July 4th weddings. But what about using colors to get inspiration for your wedding theme or to add interesting design elements? Below, we look at three in-trend colors that can serve as a springboard for a world of ideas.

July is synonymous with summer vacation, traveling, beaches, and so much more, but one day in particular sets the vibe for much of the month. July 4th gives us a chance to celebrate our nation’s proud history, but it also gives wedding planners a world of ideas for which to riff off of. For instance, rather than going the traditional red, white, and blue, why not mix it up with blush pink, champagne, and navy blue?

Going further, each one can symbolize a certain type of bride. For instance, a blush pink bride is a woman who might have dreamed of princes and ponies, but today she’s the boss, whether at work or at home, or both. As such, expect antique china ornately adorned with pink roses similar to the kind that your great grandmother had, though with a contemporary twist. Not that hand-me-downs are off-limit, be it a family tradition in the diamond wedding area or a class gown. But ultimately the blush pink bride is going to do things her own way while keeping an eye focused on the past.

The champagne bride is a bit more flexible, game to try on new trends while keeping it one for the ages, both in style and in function. For the champagne bride, much like her namesake, fun is one of the most important elements of a classic wedding for it’s in getting people to let down their hair, button down their shirts, and get jiggy with it that they can actually come together as a family. And the champagne bride is always fashionable, even if it might not hold up over time. What matters is representing the moment and giving her guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

Lastly, let’s take a look at navy blue and see what we associate with it. Obviously, water is often an obvious choice, though it can be so much more. Navy blue has depth and lots of it. Tradition may be important and elegance always a key feature, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover nor a bride by her dress. After the ceremony is over, expect to see a whole other side of her as she provides safe sparklers to the younger (and older) guests to run through the night with while dancing with her new beau for hours on end.

Colors tell a story and when you let do so, you can learn quite a bit.

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