Vintage Touches to Add to Your Rustic Wedding

Vintage Touches to Add to Your Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings have increased in popularity in the past few years and continue to be one of the top trends for weddings in 2019. However, instead of a generic rustic wedding are you looking to add a bit of vintage charm to your big day? Vintage and rustic wedding themes actually have a lot of common if you know how to properly blend them together. Here are few tips to seamlessly incorporate vintage touches into your rustic wedding.

Consider a Vintage Wedding Dress

One way to add a vintage touch to your wedding is by wearing a vintage wedding dress. You might think your mom’s old frock isn’t sophisticated or modern enough, but could you take it to an expert seamstress and let her work some magic to create a vintage masterpiece?

Incorporate Vintage Décor Like Teacups into Your Rustic Design

Teacups are also another vintage element that you can easily incorporate into a rustic wedding. Visit your local thrift store or even buy a few sets on a cheap second-hand wedding site, and use them throughout your venue by filling them with flowers, floating candles, or other elements. You can also give them away as favors, wrapped in lace with a custom tea blend inside!

Looking Good in Lace

Lace was extremely popular back in the day and it’s also a big element in rustic weddings. That’s what makes lace such a great vintage touch for your rustic wedding. Consider lace napkins or tablecloths. You can also utilize lace in floral arrangements or wraps for large cylinder votives.

Add a Collection of Vintage Frames

Another great way to add a vintage touch to your wedding is by utilizing vintage frames. You can visit a craft store or do some online shopping to pick up some gold or silver gaudy vintage frames. Use them to display table numbers, seating charts, or even family pictures throughout the venue. Not only are vintage frames usually cheap, but they blend seamlessly with the rustic wedding theme.

Consider a Hand painted Floral Wedding Cake

Another way to add a vintage touch to your rustic wedding is with a hand painted floral wedding cake. Floral patterns are very vintage and by incorporating it into a white frosted wedding cake, it can add a nice vintage touch to your rustic wedding.

The Park Savoy Estate is the Perfect Venue for Your Rustic Vintage Wedding!

If you are hunting for a great wedding venue for your rustic vintage themed wedding, The Park Savoy Estate has everything you need. First and foremost, we have stunning grounds that are perfect for an outdoor rustic wedding ceremony. In addition, our elegant ballroom can help inject a bit of vintage charm into the reception and celebration. Plus, we feature bride and groom suites so you don’t need to worry about getting transportation to and from the area. If you’re interested in learning all about what The Park Savoy Estate has to offer, contact us today to schedule a tour.

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