Wedding Cake Trends in 2020 to Keep Your Eye On

Wedding Cake Trends in 2020 to Keep Your Eye On

If you want to make your wedding stand out, these wedding cake trends for 2020 are certainly something to keep your eye on. From metallic cakes and all-white cakes to exorbitant cupcake displays and delicate piping, this list of wedding cake trends for 2020 has it all!

Metallic Cakes

Imagine a multi-tiered cake with beautiful pastel fondant. Then, imagine that there are metallic accents incorporated into the design. From sparkling ribbon to entire tiers of gold, silver, and rose gold, metallic cakes are going to be all the rage for weddings in 2020. Plus, they’re easily able to be incorporated into different themed weddings.


Semi-Naked Cake Design

The semi-naked cake design has been around for a couple of years, and it isn’t going anywhere in 2020. These cakes are typically multi-tiered and have white or pastel frosting on them. However, the frosting is thin enough to see the layers of cakes in some areas. This is a great cake for a minimalist or rustic wedding.


Cupcake Displays

Another hot trend for 2020 is to ditch the wedding cake altogether in favor of a cupcake display! These are nice because not only is it often cheaper to do a cupcake display, but you can make it more festive and whimsical if you’re not having a very upscale wedding. Plus, a cupcake display allows you to let guests pick and choose their flavors!


Delicate Piping

For wedding cake trends in 2020, delicate piping is certainly one to keep an eye on. This involves a multi-tiered wedding cake that has beautiful, intricate piping throughout. This type of wedding cake is perfect for those having a traditional or rustic wedding and it will look so pretty you almost won’t want to cut into it! Almost…


Full Naked

A new wedding cake trend that will come sweeping through in 2020 is a full-naked cake. For this design, there’s barely any frosting on the outside of the cake. However, the sparse frosting is overshined by an array of decorative flowers or some other over the top decoration. This is a great wedding cake for someone having a natural, outdoor, or rustic wedding.


All White Cakes

All white cakes are another great option for a wedding cake in 2020. Just because a cake is white doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up with piping, white flowers, or other accents. This is great for simplistic or elegant weddings.


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