Wedding Color Combos That Will Make Your Summer Wedding Pop

Wedding Color Combos That Will Make Your Summer Wedding Pop

As we get into the thick of summer with July just around the corner, it’s a time of the year that is simply bursting with color. While a classic white summer wedding will never go out of style, we’ve also found some exciting wedding color combos that will make your photos stand out for years to come. Whether you like hot colors or muted tones, brights or pastels, we have you covered!

A Vibrant Palette

Summer is all about enjoying what nature and life has to offer and spending time with your loved ones. If a summer wedding for you means vibrant colors, consider pairing the rich pink of a fuchsia with bright blue replete with contemporary graphics on your wedding invitations to signal to your guests to not shy away from wearing brights on your big day. By carrying these vivacious wedding color combos through to the reception menu, place cards, and napkins you’ll create an electric atmosphere that will make for a lively dance floor.

A Bold Palette

Another bright combo that is perfect for those looking to capture the organic beauty of the season is marigold and poppy red. Whereas the above is an example of going with a color combo that is complementary (opposite of one another on the color wheel), marigold and poppy red are an analogous color combo in that their hues rest harmoniously side-by-side. And since these colors are derived from nature, use them in everything from your bridal bouquet to a poppy crown for your flower girl.

A Romantic Palette

Moving on from the bright and brash to the muted and elegant, if a formal ballroom wedding is what you have planned then light pink and metallic gold are a romantic and lush combination that is perfect for the most luxurious of summer weddings. With such a neutral color palette, you can afford to be more daring in the textures and patterns you use, including sequined tablecloths and styled linen dinner napkins.

A Natural Palette

Lastly, if you’re getting married in a venue with a picturesque surrounding such as a lake or the forest, the analogous complementary color combo of icy blue and pistachio is an earthy yet classy pairing that is perfect for a variety of different wedding locales. And while looking to the world around you, from the venue you chose to the site on which it’s location, will help inform the colors you’ll ultimately choose for your summer wedding, by seeking out either analogous or complementary combinations you’ll ensure that your color combos will look modern and chic for decades to come.

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