Wedding Day Jewelry for Him and Her – Going Beyond the Rings

Wedding Day Jewelry for Him and Her – Going Beyond the Rings

Your wedding day is the best day of your life. All eyes are on you and your spouse and it’s your time to shine. One way to liven up your wedding look and add a little more glamour is to carefully choose your wedding day jewelry. We’re not just talking about wedding rings; we’re talking about wedding day jewelry for him and her that go beyond the wedding rings. Keep reading for some tips on how to choose the right wedding day jewelry to boost your look.


For women especially, the earrings you choose for your wedding are important. There is a lot to take into account, and you shouldn’t leave it to the last minute! The first thing to take into consideration is how you are planning to wear your hair. Whether your hair will be up or down will affect whether you wear post or dangling earrings. If you’re going to have any type of hairpiece or veil, you should also take that into consideration when choosing your earrings for your wedding day.

Earrings don’t just have to be for the ladies either! Men who have their ears pierced can also let their personalities shine through by choosing a special set of earrings for the big day.


When choosing a necklace for the wedding, it is important to try it on with your wedding day outfit. You might want to buy a few options and bring them with you when you go to one of your dress or tux fittings. Try the necklace on and make sure it sits okay with the neckline of your wedding day outfit. Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate some color into your necklace that ties into the accent color of your wedding day!


Watches are a great way for men to make a statement at the wedding. However, it is important to try on your watch with your suit or tux before the wedding to ensure that it goes with the look. For an extra special wedding gift, consider gifting your soon to be husband a specially engraved watch for the big day.

In addition to regular watches, you can also sport a pocket watch for the big day. One with a picture of your soon-to-be spouse in it or wedding date engraved can make it even more special for the occasion.


Bracelets are a good accent to a wedding outfit. However, one thing to keep in mind, is whether or not the bracelet will cling to your wedding dress. If you have a lacey wedding dress, you’ll want to make sure that whatever bracelet you choose is smooth so it won’t pull at your dress throughout the day. For men, if you choose a bracelet, the same thing applies. You need to be sure it isn’t something that will snag on the outfit of your spouse!

Tie Pins & Cufflinks

Those sporting a tux or suit for the big day can also show off their personality with some unique tie clips or cufflinks. These subtle accents are a great way to incorporate some flair into your wedding outfit without going too over the top. If you’re a carpenter, consider cufflinks that have hammers on them, or a tie pin that looks like a nail. For the sports lovers out there, how about cufflinks with your favorite team on them? It’s your day, so whatever will make you happy, go for it!

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