Wedding Décor for Your Magical Halloween Wedding

Wedding Décor for Your Magical Halloween Wedding



Halloween is a fun holiday that has a surprisingly large number of fanatics. If you love Halloween and are planning a Halloween theme for your wedding, you might be worried about it coming off as cheesy. In reality, there are plenty of elegant and chic ways to incorporate a Halloween theme into your wedding. 


Color Palette


Halloween is often associated with blacks, purples, and oranges. Looking at that list might have you a bit overwhelmed, but there are some great color palette options for your Halloween wedding. Deep purple tones and black is one option. You can also go all black, with just a few pops of orange or lighter grays. Incorporating your color palette into your décor doesn’t have to be difficult either. It’s as simple as using blackberries in your signature drink, giving your wedding signage some hints of orange, or accenting the room with some well-placed mini pumpkins.


Centerpieces & Table Settings 


Your centerpieces are a great way to subtly incorporate your Halloween theme into the wedding décor. There are many different elements that tie into Halloween, such as fall leaves, skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins, and witches. Glitter skulls or sleek gold pumpkins are a chic way to incorporate the theme into your place settings. Lanterns or glass bottles with flickering candles—or fake LED candles depending on your venue’s requirements—can also create a spooky element to your wedding. You can also go black on black for table linens and accent it with elegant gold chargers to elevate your reception. 


Snacks & Candy Bar 


Halloween is a holiday that centers around candy, so why not incorporate that into your wedding décor? Candy bars are already all the rage for weddings and it just makes sense for a Halloween themed wedding to feature one as well. While you should have all the favorites, like Reese’s, M&Ms, Kit-Kats, and gummy worms, you should also incorporate some Halloween favorites, like candy corns! To take it a step further, some caramel apples will add a special touch while giving a nod to your theme. 


Wedding Favors & Name Cards 


Your wedding favors and place cards are another great way to add some theme-inspired décor to your Halloween wedding. Mini pumpkins with your guests’ names and table numbers written on them are one way to incorporate Halloween into the décor. You can also purchase larger pumpkins and spray paint them gold or silver, writing your table assignments there either. These are classy ways to add a subtle décor element without being overwhelming. For guest favors, you can also give out “Love Potions” or mini bottles filled with olive oil, lotion, or homemade bath salts. 


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