Wedding Estates and Why Décor Matters

Have you ever wondered why a sunset evokes feelings of peace and wonder? Or why a thunderstorm can make you nervous even if you’ve never had a bad experience during one? Ever notice that you can travel the world, scour the planet’s art and literature and you’ll find that every culture generally holds the same feelings of wonder and dread for both of these? There are many reasons for this, but for brevity we’ll go with one of the more popular theories: the collective unconscious. Coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the collective unconscious is short-hand for all how we as people interpret the world as a whole. From faith, to ceremonies and yes –how what we look at makes us feel.

Let’s ask ourselves: why a wedding estate? What makes wedding estates great? Service, to be sure. But no one takes the time to create a ballroom like this or gardens like this just because it’s fancy. Ceremony requires the correct landscape and visual design to strike that cord in our brains that says, “this is special. This is an event to remember. I feel like I’m at a wedding now.” This is the same reason why we could be tired but become energized when we walk into a gym. We see the tools and energy around us and our brains interpret the space as a call to action. A well designed wedding estate is designed to do exactly that: put people in the spirit and mood for a wedding. They may have left the house or hotel room tired, they may have had a difficult year and not feel in a celebratory mood, but the environs of the venue tell their brain that this is a place to celebrate. This is the time to set aside your burdens and embrace the fun and joy that weddings embody.

Even choosing a location for a wedding venue requires care. The Garden State receives a bad (and frankly, underserved) rap because of its industrial sections. Florham Park thrives with all of the beauty and nature the American Northeast is famous for. There’s a good reason why people come from far and wide to see the Wedding Estates New Jersey has to offer. We’ve done the heavy lifting crafting a venue that embodies the look and spirit of a wedding. All we ask is that you let us evoke the beauty and spirit that make weddings memorable. Those feelings are there buried deep in our collective unconscious. All you need is the right setting to unlock it for you and your guests.

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